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Francisco X. Alarcón, Author and Educator
Francisco X. Alarcón

Author and Educator - Davis, CA

Kid Lit EQUALITY means... "accepting and celebrating / all the colors / of the human rainbow – / every kid is precious ; aceptar y celebrar / todos los colores / del arco iris humano – / cada niño/a es precioso/a "

Francisco X. Alarcón, Chicano poet and educator, is the author of 12 books of poetry for grown-ups and 6 bilingual poetry books for children. His most recent books are Borderless Butterflies / Mariposas sin fronteras (Poetic Matrix Press) and Canto hondo / Deep Song (University of Arizona Press). He teaches at the UC Davis.
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Zetta Elliott, Author and Educator
Zetta Elliott

Author and Educator - Brooklyn, NY

Kid Lit EQUALITY means... "writing from a place of love and publishing books that promote peace through justice."

Zetta Elliott is an author & educator based in Brooklyn. She is the author of ten books for young readers, including the award-winning picture book BIRD, the time-travel novel A WISH AFTER MIDNIGHT, and the 9/11 story THE GIRL WHO SWALLOWED THE SUN.
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Aaron James Farrell, Writer and Illustrator
Aaron James Farrell

Writer and Illustrator - Carbondale, IL

Kid Lit EQUALITY means... "A 10 year old black girl scanning the shelves of a library notices a book cover. It’s a book about a black boy with a massive head of curly hair. She picks it up, flips it over and back. She laughs; the cover instantly reminds her of her little brother who refuses to cut his hair despite their family’s pleas to cut it, just trim it even. She opens the book…"

Aaron James Farrell is an artist in love with story telling. He is a writer, an illustrator, and a camp counselor who spends his summers reading, drawing, and playing with, as well as learning from, kids. He has published two comics in Southern Illinois University’s GRASSROOTS Literary magazine, one of which received the Visual Art Runner-Up Award.
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Maya Gonzalez, Artist, Author, Educator
Maya Gonzalez

Artist, Author, Educator - San Francisco, CA

Kid Lit EQUALITY means... "storytelling and art belong to everyone, and that everyone feels completely free and safe to be and express their truest self in whatever way feels right."

Maya Gonzalez is an artist, author and educator who’s illustrated over 20 award-winning, multicultural children’s books and written 4. She co-founded a small independent press and online school where she teaches the heart of creating children’s books. She lives and plays in San Francisco!
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Sanata Nacro, Artist and Illustrator
Sanata Nacro

Artist and Illustrator - Cologne, Germany

Kid Lit EQUALITY means... "empowering all children through diversity in Illustration and literature/alle Kinder empowern durch diversitätsbewusste Illustrationen und Literatur."

Sanata Nacro is an consultant for gender-related education and an aspiring artist and illustrator. Her dream is to contribute to a revolution of color in the German (but not only) children’s book industry. She is currently working on her first children book.
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Tiffany Rachann, Author and Family Literacy platform owner and developer
Tiffany Rachann

Author and Family Literacy platform owner and developer - Pearland, TX

Tiffany Rachann is a woman of all things literal – a mom of three suns, a professional writer, a children’s author and a Family Literacy platform developer. She launched Imagiread for families to tell and revere good, wholesome stories. Tiffany has served in several capacities for Family Literacy, Community Literacy and substantive Adult and English as a second language programs.
Contributed to: Kid Lit & Ferguson

Matthew Smith, Web & Graphic Designer
Matthew Smith

Web & Graphic Designer - San Francisco, CA

Kid Lit EQUALITY means... "turning towards and not away from the circumstances that got us to the current state of affairs in children's literature and the world at large, acknowledging their effects and the interconnectedness and choosing to create something different for our children."

Matthew provides the website, technical, and graphic design aspects for Kid Lit Equality. A co-conspirator with his partner Maya he also co-founded Reflection Press and School of the Free Mind both with the underlying belief in the power of the individual to create change.

Ibi Zoboi, Author
Ibi Zoboi

Author - Brooklyn, NY

Ibi Zoboi holds an MFA in Writing for Children & Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts. She’s published a few short stories and essays, and has received several awards for her writing. Ibi has completed a couple of novels for young adults and is working on lots more. She also founded the Brooklyn Blossoms Book Club, a literacy initiative for underserved girls.
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